Greene’s Release


Greene’s Release is a simple technique that has transformed the world of personal development. No more affirmations, trying to silence emotional distress, or learning to cope. Greene’s Release resolves and permanently eliminates issues at their subconscious core.

The Greene’s Release Program Workbook Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You will take you on a journey to finish with the past and create a wonderful new future free of emotional pain.


What people are saying

“Oh My! They were wrong! After beating myself up for 30 years I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all. I can’t stop smiling.” Frank more


Greene’s Release

Greene’s Release is a revolutionary, but simple technique that shows you how to follow any uncomfortable thought, feeling, belief or emotional wound to its subconscious source and permanently remove it and its impact on your life, forever! more


What does it take to overcome the emotional wounds, painful memories, fears and negative beliefs that control our lives?

Often, those who have worked to ‘release’ their emotional wounds, are surprised to discover that these emotions (which have merely been tucked away and not released, as many techniques claim to do) are still creating havoc in their daily life and can resurface with the same level of strength and distress at any time. more


How can Greene’s Release Help Me

Greene’s Release shows you how to master the cause of your emotions and life circumstances so you can self direct your own life. The list below represents some of the areas that can benefit from this one simple, yet powerful, tool. more


How the Technique Works

Greene’s Release is a very simple technique that makes it possible to actually find and permanently remove the things that bother us. Yes, that’s correct. It is very possible to remove our fears, negative beliefs of ourselves, emotional wounds, painful memories that we keep reliving every day. more


Greene’s Release FAQ

Is the program expensive? Unlike other methods and programs which often cost $200-$500, the Greene’s Release workbooks sell for less than $20, making this revolutionary technique available to everyone. more


Where do I get it?

The Greene’s Release Program is presented in two inexpensive workbooks, Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You and Heal Your Heart – A Journey to Find Your SoulMate.

With simple, step by step instruction and practical exercises to apply to your current circumstances, Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find You and Heal Your Heart – A Journey to Find Your SoulMate provide an experience that empowers you to discover and continually build upon your own understanding, knowledge and ability to self direct your life.


Heal Your Self – A Journey to Find YOU

This workbook takes you on a journey to heal your fears and hurts, find peace from within, and create a new life for yourself. more


Heal Your Heart – A Journey to Find Your SOULMATE

This workbook takes you on a journey right into the world of love, to heal, get ready and come together with your own Buddy SoulMate. more