How To: Stop feeling angry all the time

Reader’s Issue: I can’t control my anger.


When I can’t control my feelings and the chatter in my head, all this anger comes out of nowhere and I lash out at people. Later I feel very sad and worry about the impact of my behavior.

I don’t like having a short fuse but it’s happening more and more often. I just get so angry and want to explode.

How can I stop behaving like this?



We store the emotion of every single life event. It is like all the pain and hurt and anger creates an inner bucket of pain. But when the bucket fills, the lid flies open at the slightest irritation and we explode in an emotional outburst without the ability to control it.

Many children go through hell, and then when they are all grown up wonder why they feel so angry. It is perfectly normal to be filled with hurt, anger and resentment when traumatic events have happened.

Note that a child’s perception of traumatic is very different to an adults perception of traumatic. So even people who did not suffer abuse or neglect can be filled with the pain of just growing up and experiencing life events.

This release was not related to individual topics or issues, instead about how we all eventually fill our bucket of pain, and then become ready to empty this stockpile so we can live without the impact of heartache.

I met Becky in a private chatroom where I talked her through a Greene’s Release session. Becky opened to discover her overflowing bucket of pain and emptied it out, piece by piece.

Now she will be able to think more clearly and not over react to current situations because of their connection to past ones.

You can read the comment she will be leaving below about the experience and outcome, and my comment and overview of this topic.

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25 responses to “How To: Stop feeling angry all the time

  1. Becky

    Hi Janet,

    You couldn’t have put it better.

    I felt angry all the time and it was taking a toll on me and my relationship. I realized I couldn’t go on like that any longer and hurt the people I love the most. I had to put a stop to it.

    The greenesrelease session helped me empty the bucket of anger and pain I had in my heart. And this was all due to my upbringing and traumas I’d suffered.

    Now, I feel more in control and lighter. The weight in my heart has been lifted and I don’t feel the awful anger I felt. I am confident that I can have a better handle on things and situations as they may arise due to the greenesrelease session we had.

    Thank you.

  2. Nicola

    plz help me! my realationship is comeing to a end if i dont stop my anger…..

  3. Hi Nicola,

    Please check your email.


  4. chefjeff

    hi there, I am and have been angry at everything for a very long time and would like to know what is the best way to stop this terrible thing . thanks chefjeff

  5. hi jeff,

    Please check your email.


  6. desperatesoul

    Hi there, I need to know how can I realieve my anger, I have lots of stress with family issues, I’m not even close, they live in a different country and it affects me still, I get really frustrated, now I have problems with my stomach every time I get upset, it hurst and I get even more angry. Please help.

  7. Hi desperatesoul,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was finishing our latest article on Anger.

    This article will tell you exactly ‘how’ to relieve your anger. If you have any questions, please ask and I will be happy to respond.

  8. Christopher

    I understand how you feel as I am going through it now. I grew up bottling up all my anger and all my feelings for over 18 years. My parents didn’t listen to me, the people who took care of me didn’t listen to me, and all I did was get beatings for my whole life. My brother used to suffocate me with a pillow, and I would tell my mother, but then she wouldn’t say anything. I asked my mother questions and she either wouldn’t answer me, or lash out on me and say she wished I was never born. I stayed silent for the most part, and for the longest time, I just didn’t know what to do with myself, or I did I just didn’t know who to tell because they all yelled at me or just didn’t listen. Now that I am bigger and stronger, and angry all the time, they listen to me, because they fear me. I didn’t want it that way, but that was the only way for me to talk to them, because that was the only thing they showed me. I honestly never wanted to be like this, but they treated me like I was worthless, and ignored me. The only thing I saw my parents as was a bank, because the only thing they gave me was money.

    • Shanae

      A bit of a late reply but perchance you’ll see this…
      My mom’s brother did that to her…tried drowning her in the pool once too…he was “kidding”, he later told her. My grandma beat my mom for getting her dress wet once, she got splashed by a neighbor. She was so terrified because she knew it would be “her fault”.
      My grandmother got old and with age she got nicer. Not to say that you shouldn’t maybe distance yourself (if you haven’t already) a bit. Some people are really thick headed.
      My mom was always looking for that replacement family. She had me….she never hit me. My grandmother did though! Not like she did my mother. I got spankings with a paddle. I loved going to my grandma’s house! She got too old to use the paddle pretty fast and then “I love you”s were heard again. First time in about 20 years! No joke.
      Anyways besides the anger, which sucks (They can say they are sorry but you are still the only one that can really fix it.) time does change things, a lot. People can change. My grandma died as my mom’s main confidante, and my favorite person ever.

  9. sarah

    hey there, im starting to notice more and more that im becoming progressively angry year by year…it is affecting my relationship with my partner and has affected friendships in the past…i dont want to be angry all the time, but i cant help it…the worst thing is, i can be having the best day but still feel angry…is this normal :-S

    regards sarah.

  10. hi Sarah,

    Yes, this is normal for people who have unresolved anger inside them. It effects everything – relationships, friendships, how you relate to people, feel about yourself, and even underpins your happiness. And will continually grow.

    Unresolved anger hurts the people around you – especially children and those closest to you.

    This article talks about anger in detail:

    The good news is that you can dissolve your unresolved anger quite easily and live the happy life that you desire.

    Sarah, you have 2 options.

    1. Dissolve your repressed anger quickly and easily with our Life Issues Sessions – one session a week for 3 weeks and it is gone!

    2. Our workbook, Heal Your Self: A Journey to find You, teaches you how to resolve any emotion, issue or life situation, then take charge of your life and create the situations that you wish to live.

    Sarah, feel free to come into our live chat at to discuss this further.


    Janet Greene

  11. sasha

    hi, lately ive been feeling very angry and hurt. But my anger seem to be ruining everything including my relationship. I dont want this to ruin my relationship but i cant stop feeling this way. Everything gets me angry.

  12. Beth

    I just started feeling extreme anger, I have never felt before. I have a past that I have hidden from so many people but I had a dream of a child being abused last night and ever since I have this enormous feeling of anger. I don’t usually share feelings or my past with anyone. How can I get rid of this anger and soon? It is not me! I have never felt this much anger and it is not just for one person it is in general, I have not hurt anyone or my kids but at times I feel like I could scream or hit things… Help please

  13. david d

    Hello, I have a lot to say about my anger. I do take meds, and see a dotor every two to three weeks. My anger comes out of no were, it starts with my jer-ra-lem making me hipper and then my muscie seem to tighten up. I don’t drink any more,( 2 years sober) it consumed my life at one point, when my X wife devorice me and tuke my little girl. (Instant rock bottem) And yes, there’s was a lot of anger added on senice then. I have a lot of mixed up things as powerful as that to make my anger show more. If I smile its only for a short time intill a random thoughts of anger apper in my head. My doctors and i are working on a plan. I’m afrade of hurting anyone or myself, when in rage. I can’t seem to fight it, with out first getting anger, only to feel gilt after yelling. I wright letters to myself, also lift waights, and I walk when possiable. What else is there? AA does help but most topics are not talking about anger, only when we all were drinking, it just don’t fit whats going on now being sober. What else is there ?

    • David,

      What else is there? Greene’s Release!!!

      You do not have to ‘live’ with this anger. You CAN find peace!

      I have sent you an email.

      Janet Greene

  14. A.

    I’ve felt angry at this man for so long since he first ignored me and then treated me rather condescendingly. I thought I would feel better eventually, but the anger has just been building up and makes me feel terrible. I resent him for making me feel this way, for not being able to take 2 minutes of his time to acknowledge me. It makes me feel incredibly sad and angry. I wish I could make him understand how much he hurt me but I don’t even feel like talking to him anymore. I’m at a point now where all I seem to be able to do is to insult and hurt him back.

    • Hi A,

      The interesting thing is that YOUR anger and resentment has absolutely no effect on anyone else (including him).

      It is a feeling inside YOU that makes you feel tight and bitter and very upset. It has physical implications as well and can make you quite ill.

      Telling him will not change it. This feeling is yours and is waiting for you to be ready to finish with it.

      It is surprisingly easy to get rid of anger and resentment completely and permanently (via the Greene’s Release Technique). Then you will live with the opposite feeling – love and happiness.

      Here are a couple of interesting podcasts about this topic:

      • jackie

        I grew up being frightened of my parents, my other bros and sisters say now as adults they didnt now wot to do with me or how to react with me as a child, i always hid a way incase of consiquences that may of occured or not, My parents say to this day, even tho im an adult, you were there to be seen but never heard. I have spent my life doing what other people want,because of a fear of being rejected, but im filled with anger, resentment, frustration, and cant deal with everyday situations. Please if you can give me some advice it would really help

      • Jackie,

        I am glad that you are ready to change your life! Anger is your impetus.

        Your story is very much like my own but now I am the exact opposite person living the exact opposite life.

        This page ( will show you the life that is possible.

        What is the best path for you?

        1. You are welcome to do a complimentary release session, to relieve the most pressing issue.

        2. But then you need to begin the journey to change all aspects of your life and resolve all issues including “I have spent my life doing what other people want,because of a fear of being rejected, but im filled with anger, resentment, frustration, and cant deal with everyday situations.” Our workbook “Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You” will guide you through this journey step by step.

        3. If you prefer direct support you may want some private sessions (workbook included). The details are here:

        Please feel free to email me at or come into our live chat from our main webpage where we can discuss your options in more detail.

  15. Andy

    11 years ago I was doing a child exchange with my ex wife when her soon to be third ex husband walked up behind me and punched in the back of the head, while holding my 1 year old daughter who is now almost 13. She was not hurt and has no memory of that day but my other daughter who was 3 and is now 14 saw it. The ex husband was given a slap on the wrist since he went to high school with the DA and the judge. What makes matters worse, since then my 14 year old has been lied to being told that it never happened. I know exactly why I am angry and where it has come from, the question is, how do i get rid of it? I have no idea how to forgive and the on going legal battle is sending my anxiety level through the roof, i feel it get worse every day.

    • hi Andy,

      Children may not consciously remember a particular incident, but they did react to it at the time and that reaction influenced the person they are today. Your 14 year old may fear loud noises or fighting, she may not trust easily, or even be an angry person – without any idea why. When she is an adult and ready to finish with her past, like you now are, you can tell her how to do so.

      Now for you. We often hold onto our emotions and anger when traumatic incidents happen because we think it is wrong to feel what naturally comes. Especially a parent’s rage when his children are put in danger.

      Like all other memories, this particular one was automatically stored deep inside your mind and influences every aspect of your personality, life, responses, and feelings today. You are constantly reliving it…

      The good news is that anger is one of the easiest emotions to heal – because it is so strong and easy to access. It is the one type of release that amazes me every single time I do it with people. So quick and complete to finish with. The outcomes are amazing!

      You have a few of options:

      1. Do a sample release session (free). This will release one aspect of your anger. But I suspect there are several aspects to it – heartbreak at the relationship breakup, shock from the incident you describe, worry about your children, the ongoing legal battle, etc. etc. etc.

      2. Get our workbook “Heal Your Self: A Journey to Find You” Then you can work through everything on your own.

      3. Book our Life Issues session. This includes three individual release sessions, over three weeks, to enable you to address a variety of issues within a particular life theme. It is very good at resolving the immediate issue so you can get your balance back and feel stronger. You also receive a workbook to continue your work.

      Please feel free to email me at info@greenesrelease or come into our live chat from our main website to discuss your needs in detail.

  16. Hayden

    So i try to relate to the posts above but i cant, i have carried anger around in me for probably the past 25years, as i sit here typing this i feel frustration anger rage and aggression, my kids witness this only yesterday i hate myself for them seeing me like that but in the moment i couldnt even see them there, like all of you its ending my relationship with my wife and is now affecting my family, ive been told to get help ASAP i shrug it off with anger, if i dont get help really soon im worried of what might happen next. On my knees begging for help.

  17. Jenny

    Please help me. I just can’t stop being angry. It seems so stupid most of the time why I am even angry in the first place. I don’t know what to do but I don’t want my relationship with my kids and my husband to suffer.

    • Hi Jenny,

      It will be my pleasure to be of assistance!

      Please email ( 3 times during the next week that you are free to chat in both your time and mine (Florida U.S.A.). I’ll let you know which also suits me.

      Then we can discuss your needs in an online live chat online from our main website

      Looking forward to speaking with you.


      Janet Greene

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